Goodbye agency – hello freelance

January 21st, 2015

It is with huge excitement – and a few nerves – that I have said goodbye to my life as a designer in agency to pursue a world of startups, products and freelance digital design.

It’s been an inspiring four years. I’ve been presented with plenty of challenges and joy, and the chance to work with some really talented teams and individuals. In fact, the last four years have been a whirlwind.

From graduating in 2012, I’ve presented my work at D&AD New Blood, been nominated for Net Magazine Young Designer of the Year, and worked on and lead projects with household brands under the steer of incredible agencies like Un.titled and Studio Output.

I ♥ creative agencies

It has been a pleasure to work for such respected agencies and I have had the opportunity to grow and thrive in their environment. Within their midst, I can put my name to brands such as Speedo, Boots, John Smedley, Clarks Originals, and many emerging brands wanting to establish themselves online.

In truth, the four years have merged into one intense, enriching period of learning, focused around: digital and product design, digital strategy, art direction, UX design, front-end development and a whole host of client facing and project management skills. My time at these agencies has been immensely formative. The skills, and friends, I have gained over the last four years are something I am proud to take forward with me.

But over time I’ve began to recognise my path diverging from that of agencies and after a long spell of deliberation, I have decided it’s time for a change. 

The next adventure – Freelance & Consultancy

I’m going it alone and looking to work primarily with startups and small product teams, focusing on product design (yes, both UX and UI), strategy and prototyping, to design and build apps, services and websites.

During my time as an agency digital designer, I have worked on a whole host of eCommerce projects. As a result, I’m also looking to design for brands who specialise in fashion, lifestyle and products, helping to refine art direction through to front-end development.

Ultimately, I’m looking to work with talented teams and fantastic products. In an ideal circumstance, these would be 3-6 months contracts working on specific goals but, depending on the project, I am open to work on a longer term basis.

As it stands, I’m already working with one start-up, leading their UX and UI to transition them from an MVP to a scalable product. I’m looking for further projects starting April 2015, so if it sounds like I might be a good fit for your product, service or website, drop me a line!


If the last four years has taught me anything, it’s that I am a restless fellow who’s eager and ever-forward.

For me, this move is not purely about the work, but also factors into how I approach work and continue to grow and experience new opportunities, ideas and ways of working.

Having the space to make, and do, more is fundamental to me, helping to give me the opportunity to experiment more, design and build apps, products and execute ideas.

Alongside my freelance work, I have a talk lined up for June (and I’m open to further speaking opportunities). I’m also working on producing Skillshare classes on aspects of my design process and I’m keen to continue mentoring, talking and running workshops at universities as I have done in the past. There is also, of course, Second Wednesday.

Veni, Vidi…

Vici? Not quite, but I’m excited to see what else is out there. I am sad to be leaving Studio Output and immensely proud to have worked with an incredibly talented team of people that I’m chuffed to call my friends. However, I’m now incredibly excited to embark on a this new venture with a wealth of knowledge and experiences on my back to take with me into new exciting opportunities ahead. And so if you think I can be of help to you, your team or your project, please drop me a line.