Things I’ve read this week WC 04/01

January 10th, 2016

Happy new year!

As 2016 kicks off and the cumulative hangover from Christmas 2015 kicks in; I spent this week easing myself back in to a work frame of mind.

I’ve been quite lucky that from November – December, I was quietly confident that the first few months of 2016 would be busy. However I’m acutely aware that throughout my first year as a freelancer, I’ve largely neglected my own blog.

As a result I’ve decided, mostly for the benefit of myself, to list everything (useful) that I’ve read that week; and perhaps include updates on what I’ve been working on if I am in a position to share it.

This is not part of some new years resolution, and I fully expect I won’t post each week, but I hope it forms a healthy habit of more regularly producing and sharing content.

NoteToSelf creative consortium

NTSCC is back with a cracking line up and a nice new website to boot.


Blending Modes Demystified – A List Apart

A comprehensive breakdown of blend modes that allow treatments to imagery to be applied in the browser using CSS.

A List Apart article

A Book Apart Briefs

A Book Apart have released their first series of super-concise books. Pricing Design by Dan Mall and Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout by Rachel Andrew

Building the Casper Homepage

The insanely talented Jonnie Hallman has written a breakdown of the process behind the Casper Homepage.


Andy Thornton of ClearLeft shared his thoughts on project canvases and how they can help to clearly define the purpose, audience, vision and goals of a project.

Dibi Conf

Dibi Conference is back, and this time with be in Edinburgh on the 17–18th March. Theres a great line–up and tickets are only £300.
Dibi Conference

Industry Conf

Industry conference is also back this year with another great line up in Newcastle on 20th April.

Industry Conference 

Atomic: Interface design software

I’d been chatting with someone recently about how they communicate interactions, it seems to be an area with several possible solutions from storyboarding to getting into the browser asap. Atomic looks pretty cool and is utilises an interface to control interactions. Atomic